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La Degustation in Ambiente restaurant - Brasilian top quality cuisine - eat as much as you can

2009-11-05 16:00:00

Churrasco is a method of preparing meat, especially beef, on a skewer in a special grill. Big and small pieces alike can be cooked in this way. Gauchos, South American cowboys, used to cook meat in this manner on the pampas.

Rodizio is the way in which Churrasco meat is served. „Churasqueros“ are both your waiters and your cooks. They walk among the tables offering cuts of meat which they have prepared themselves. Every customer will find a paper circle on their table. Turn the green side up to send a signal to the „churasqueros“ to fill your plate. Red side up means enough „Im full“. Eat as much as you wish. All starters, salads and side orders are also included in the price. Turn the circle and let the culinary show begin.

For 625 CZK you can taste unlimitedally all served food.

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