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Charles Bridge celebrates 650th Anniversary

2007-07-08 02:00:00

Prague's Charles Bridge celebrates 650th birthday on Sunday, 8th July and Monday, 9th July, with festivities inspired by the legend surrounding foundation of this ancient artery across the Vltava river. Famous Charles Bridge links Lesser Town of Prague on the left bank with the Old Town of Prague on the right bank of Vltava and was vital to the development of the Czech capital city.

It is 650 years since the laying of the corner stone on the Prague's Stone Bridge. Charles Bridge is the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic and the oldest bridge over the Vltava river.
"No such celebrations have ever been held in the past. The bridge is one of the greatest jewels not only of Czech, but also European, gothic architecture," Pavel Bem, the mayor of Prague declared of the two days of medieval music, crafts, juggling, historic markets, processions and tournaments, which are aimed at recreating the rich flavour of Charles IV's Prague. Festivities will peak on Monday at 5.31 AM, when the corner stone of the bridge will be blessed by Miloslav Vlk, the Archbishop of Prague.

According to the legend, Charles IV, the Bohemian King and the Holy Roman Emperor, who was passionate about numerology, decided to launch construction at 5.31 AM on 9th July, 1357 after consulting his astrologers and astronomers. They came up with the 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1 sequence, created by the combination of year, day, month and time, as the most auspicious time for the link between the two halves of Prague city to begin...

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